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New Releases

  • Ocean Life 2
  • Watercolor Flamingo
  • Curse of the Burger
  • Japanese Koi
  • Embroidery Art See the World in Stitches Copenhagen
  • Animal Outlines 2
  • Animal Outlines 1
  • Ocean Life 1
  • Pink Flamingo
  • Signature Graphics Series 218

Seasonal Designs

  • Summer Floral 1
  • Summers Calling
  • Outline Summertime
  • Seed Packs
  • Summer Floral 2

Single Releases

  • Breast Cancer Mylar Motif
    3.75w X 4.92h
  • Snowman Lettering Sm
    5.38w X 5.96h
  • Snowman Lettering Med
    6.28w X 6.96h
  • Snowman Lettering Lg
    7.20w X 7.96h
  • Moose Scene Sm
    5.11w X 6.01h
  • Moose Scene Med
    5.94w X 7.00h
  • Moose Scene Lg
    6.80w X 8.00h
  • Help Texas and Florida
    3 sizes
  • Tree Frog Sm
    2.94w X 1.83h
  • Tree Frog Med
    3.94w X 2.44h
  • Tree Frog Lg
    4.94w X 3.06h
  • Fishing 1
    5.82w X 4.40h
  • Fashion Bulldog Sm
    5.97w X 5.64h
  • Fashion Bulldog Med
    6.96w X 6.59h
  • Fashion Bulldog Lg
    7.96w X 7.53h
  • Fashion Lions Sm
    4.81w X 6.07h
  • Fashion Lions Med
    5.60w X 7.07h
  • Fashion Lions Lg
    6.38w X 8.07h
  • Beautiful Things Come Together One Stitch At A Time
    11.71w X 6.37h
  • Adjustable Wrench
    2.19w X 2.13h
  • Wrench
    4.23w X 1.45h
  • Adjustable Wrench
    4.35w X 1.06h
  • Wood Planer
    1.38w X 0.58h
  • Crossed Wrenches
    2.06w X 1.93h