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Applique with outer pattern
7.44w X 7.44h


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Stitches: 25614

1. TH Burgandy [RA5908]
2. Black [RA5596]
3. TH Burgandy [RA5908]
4. Rust [RA5589]
5. Spruce [RA5579]
6. TH Burgandy [RA5908]
7. Rust [RA5589]
8. Teal Appeal [RA9146]
9. Spruce [RA5579]
10. TH Burgandy [RA5908]
11. Rust [RA5589]
12. Teal Appleal [RA9146]
13. Spruce [RA5579]
14. TH Burgandy [RA5908]
15. Rust [RA5589]
16. Teal Appeal [RA9146]
17. Spruce [RA5579]
18. TH Burgandy [RA5908]
19. Rust [RA5589]
20. Teal Appeal [RA9146]

Applique pattern western decorative elegant embellishment

Stash this design for points.

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